Satya Prema Ethereal Arts

Featuring AccessBARS/ DNA/ Family/ Karma/ Past Life/ Addiction Resolve/ Singing Bowl Session/ Meditation/ Yoga Mudras, Mantras, Chanting, & Asanas

Kristen Tenpenny


Divine Truth and Love

Satya means Divine Truth. Prema means Divine Love. Ethereal arts to me, means an unlimited potential of expressing and educating the Truth and Love inspired completely by Divinity. Our mission is to expand health, vitality, wellness, and Love through education and practice geared toward individuals from wherever they are in their life in regards to whatever they feel they could use help in.

Led by direct guidance and energy from The Creator of All That Is, Satya Prema Ethereal Arts aims to uplift, encourage, and enlighten students and clients. We offer one-on-ones in different metaphysical modalities for individual prayer sessions with God on the phone or Skype. We offer courses in person and online all over the world in areas that most people are seeking: To Resolve Past Life Karma, To Learn to Meditate, Create Abundance, Learn Manifestation, Spiritual Gifts Development, Most Compatible Soulmate, Aging Gracefully, and more.

I am here for you. I intuit what you need. If it's to comfort you as you cry, then that's what I'll do. If it's yoga postures and deep breathing, we'll do that. If it's diving into the subconscious mind and resolving the past or changing behavioral patterns... I'm here for you.

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